- Pressure Testing
- Magniflux
- Mill Cylinder Heads and Blocks
- Cylinder Head Rebuilding

- Bore & Hone Cylinder Blocks

- Recondition Connecting Rods

- Remove and Replace Pistons

- Crank Shaft Grinding & Polishing

​- Resurfacing Flywheels

- And More!

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S&S Machine Shop

20 N Rogers, Mesa, AZ, United States

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Our automotive machinists thoroughly clean and inspect each job to ensure repairs are completed properly and with care. We provide high-quality service and a quick turnaround. We are highly skilled with many years of experience, and we believe that taking care of the customer is of the utmost importance, and will do everything we can to ensure your engine is running properly. 

(480) 464-9385

(480) 464-9385

S&S Machine Shop